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Jonathan Graham Harston
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My current occupation by the amount of time it takes up is an elected councillor for Sheffield City Council. It is essentially a full-time 48-to-52-hour-a-week job for very little pay.

My occupation by how I define myself is one of those vague computery occupations that careers officers don't know what to call. I suppose "Systems Analyst/Programmer/Administrator" is probably the nearest. My experience goes back over twenty-five years and covers Z80, 6502 and ARM code, BBC BASIC, C, VisualBasic FORTH and others and of DOS, Windows, RISC OS, CPM and BBC systems, and network and internet administration. See my CV for more details.

I am an avid Acorn user by preference and have a network of several BBC series computers at home with an SJ MDFS fileserver on which I do most of my work. I have written a lot of BBC and RISC OS applications as well as a small amount of DOS/Windows software. I have written and had published various publications on various subjects, mainly Acorn computing, but also geographical and historical subjects. I have an eclectic range of tastes in Music, Books, Radio and TV.

I am also a qualified electrician to 16th Ed. and have general building maintanence skills. I do part-time property management of some properties which come available for rent from time to time.

I have started to put together a set of pages on environmental issues showing what easily-implemented measures I have used to cut down on resource usage.

I went to Malin Bridge Junior School and then to Myers Grove Secondary School, both in Sheffield, UK. I attended Myers Grove for seven years, where I was a school librarian in lower school, and I administered the school computer system for three years. I was a member of the governing board for nine years, chairing the Site & Premises Committee. I was very briefly in the school choir when I was an umpah lumpah in a Radio 4 production of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

I studied Computing Science at Stirling University with minors in Education, Environmental Science and Japanese. I got my Electrical Installation diploma at Sheffield College's Loxley Centre (which used to be Stannington College). I now live in Walkley, Sheffield where, apparently, John Shuttleworth lives.

You get given your family, you choose your friends... ;) Here are some lists of people I know by locus, or in chronological order.

Over the years I've traced my family tree back to about 1700, identifying over 1100 people.

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