Jonathan Graham Harston
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Politics: Sheffield City Council Sheffield Liberal Democrats Walkley Liberal Democrats
Site info: About this site Recent Changes Bits & Pieces Software and documentation covering such subjects as Acorn BBCs, Econet and networking, SJ Research Fileservers, Z80, 6502 and ARM code, C programming, Co-processors and Tube systems, Harston Advanced Disk Filing System, BBC Public Domain, CP/M, Jet Set Willy.
NEW! I have updated a draft Motion to Council to reform Councillors' Pay and drafted a Motion to move the council to four-yearly all-up elections. 11-Jun-2007
NEW! I have written my comments on the Boundary Commission's revised proposals for parliamentary constituencies in South Yorkshire. 04-Oct-2005
NEW! The Boundary Commission Local Enquiry has finished. covering Sheffield. 16-Mar-2005
NEW! The Parliamentary Boundary Review for England has started. I am writing up my comments and recommendations. 08-Sep-2004

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