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BBC BASIC (65) for BBC/Master Microcomputers

The original versions of BBC BASIC were written by Roger Wilson for the 6502 for Acorn Computers. It was developed as the onboard Basic for the BBC Microcomputer.
  Platform Date Size Details
Basic 1 BBC 1981 16K The original BBC BASIC supplied with early versions of the BBC Microcomputer in 1981.
Basic 2
BBC 1982 16K
Bugs fixed, arithmetic improvement, OSCLI, EQUs and OPENIN/OUT/UP.
HiBasic 2 BBC Tube     BASIC 2 relocated to &B800 to run on the 6502 second processor.
Basic 3 BBC     US BASIC 3. This is probably not quite HiBasic3 assembled at &8000, as a binary diff shows more than just addresses relocated. As well as COLOUR and COLOR being transposed, a lot of the ROM from &9A00 onwards is slightly different. ROM image from {Wouter Scholten broken link}.
HiBasic 3 BBC Tube 1983 16K BASIC 3 relocated to &B800 to run on the 6502 second processor.
Basic 4
Master 1984 16K
BASIC 4 as supplied with the Master 128.
HiBasic 4 Master Tube 1984 16K BASIC 4 relocated to &B800 to run on the 6502 second processor.
Basic 128 Master 1985 15K BASIC 4 set up to run from main RAM with shadow screen and four banks of sideways RAM for 64K of program workspace.
Basic 40
Master 1986 16K -
Basic 41 Master 1987   -
HiBasic 4.30 Master Tube 1987 16K BASIC 4.30 relocated to &B800 to run on the 6502 second processor.
Basic 4r32 Master 1988 16K -
Basic 5
Basic 5
Advanced BASIC
BBC/Master Tube 1987   BASIC 5 for the BBC/Master with 6502 second processor, also known as Advanced Basic.
BBC/Master Tube 1987    
Assembler BBC/Master     Assembler program suitable for assembling the BASIC source files.

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