RISC OS Software and Documentation

Most of the information on this site is categorised by function ratherthan by operating system base. However, this is a summary list of some ofthe RISC OS specific software available or linked to from here.


Internationalising RISC OS applications with ResFind.

User Choices

User preferences and Choices.

Multitasking Errorboxes


Links to Spark/SparkFS and RISC OS binaries for InfoZip.


Some utilites for reading and writing disk images.


Links and downloads to:
  • BBC/Master: 6502Em and BeebIt
  • Spectrum: Z80Em, MZXSpeccy and Speculator
  • CoProcessors: Z80Tube
  • Others: 6800, PDP11 and Apple II emulator


Desktop applications for accessing various non-native format disks. Filers are not filing systems, and only allow you to access file from thedesktop.
  • DFS Reader
  • FTPc
  • HADFS Filer

Filing systems

Filing systems give low-level access to files on other disk systems.
  • CPMFS - for accessing CPM disks
  • ImageDFS - for accessing a variety of DFS disks
  • LinkFS - allows creation of links to other objects
  • Win95FS - Windows95 Long Filename filing system

File Conversion

  • BasConv - converts various format BBC BASIC files


  • StrongEd
  • Zap

RISC OS Documentation

Documents on RISC OS subjects can also be found in other parts of theDocs/Comp hierarchy.

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