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Huge Jet Set Willy Room Map

                  Watch Tower                
            Nomen Luni On the Roof Up on the Battlements We must perform a Quirkafleeg Rescue Esmerelda On top of the house            
          Conservatory Roof Under the Roof The Attic   Dr Jones will never believe this Emergency Generator Priests' Hole            
      Above the West Bedroom West Wing Roof The Orangery A bit of tree Master Bedroom Top Landing The Bathroom   Halfway up the East Wall            
      West Bedroom West Wing Swimming Pool The Banyan Tree The Nightmare Room First Landing The Chapel   East Wall Base   Out on a limb Tree Top      
    April Showers Back Door Back Stairway Cold Store West of Kitchen The Kitchen Main Stairway Ballroom West Ballroom East The Hall The Front Door On a Branch Over the Drive Inside the MegaTrunk Cuckoo's Nest    
The Yacht The Bow The Beach Tool Shed Wine Cellar The Forgotten Abbey   Cave Mouth The Cave       The Security Guard The Drive At the Foot of the MegaTree Under the MegaTree The Bridge The Off Licence
                        Entrance to Hades Under the Drive Tree Root